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The Law Firm of Ferikes & Bleynat employs LawPay to process online credit card payments. ClioPay is a credit card processing company that caters to the special needs of law firms. We hope that you find this service to be valuable and time-saving. Before you can use ClioPay, we need to ensure you understand the how and what information we must acquire from you. Before continuing, you must agree to the following:

Privacy Policy

  1. Acquisition of Information. We will only collect the information that is required by law and to process your payment.
  2. Your Privacy. Our employees will be given access to the information we collect from you in order to perform their jobs. Our trained professionals will maintain your records exactly the way you expect.
  3. Disclosure to Others. We will not provide your information to any third party unless if we are compelled to do so by law, if we have written permission from you, or to the extent necessary to process this payment.

Privacy Policy Agreement
I understand and agree to this privacy policy.